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While there are many facial mask products on the market, many tend to fall short of expectations. Some have dyes in them, others are tested on animals, and some continue to use low quality ingredients or contain ingredients that are promised on the label to be absent. 



Those with sensitive skin and morals are left to reading the labels closely and hoping for integrity in the companies manufacturing and marketing departments.



Promise Cosmetics caught our eyes due to the beautiful purple bottle and the wonderful ingredients. Containing only natural ingredients, here is what makes it into the bottle:


  • Dead Sea Mud – Found in the depths of the lowest place on earth and rich in 21 unique minerals, Dead Sea Mud exfoliates the skin and stimulates circulation for a fresh-faced glow that lasts all day. 
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract – A free-radical, known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, rosemary leaf soothes and smoothes tired skin. 
  • Clary Sage Oil – A soft touch for sensitive skin, this gentle herb soothes skin inflammation and heals rashes. 
  • Lavender Oil – Rich in antioxidants, lavender helps ease skin conditions and may turn back the clock on aging. 
  • Honeysuckle Flower Extract – This natural preservative treats inflammation, and fights bacteria..
  • Aloe Leaf Juice – Refreshes, replenishes and moisturizes skin.
  • Jojoba Oil – Antioxidant powerhouse, works to soothe and smooth skin.



So far so good on our list.



So what are the claims on their list?


“Superfast liquid face mask that exfoliates, purifies and tones skin”

“A fresh-faced sparkle and baby-soft feel – in as little as 5 minutes!”

“Made with purifying minerals, moisturizing Aloe Leaf Juice, softening Jojoba Oil and exfoliating Dead Sea Mud.”

“Liquick minimizes large pores, exfoliates away blackheads and zaps pimples.”

“Skin that feels as good as you look, every time!”

Information found on Promise Cosmetics website



Our take – The mask was a thick liquid consistency that went on smoothly. The mask did not burn, unlike most out there that do irritate sensitive based skin types. The LIQUICK Dead Sea mud mask worked quickly and did majorly soften and smooth the skin as promised. Our face imperfections, zits, seemed calmed the next morning after using before bed and skin remained fresh.



For a perfect evening routine, pair this with a cup of tea and daily reflection meditation for five minutes. After rinsing product from skin, follow with your favorite anti-aging moisturizer 



This mask is one worth trying. Excited to have this one in my collection! And may have to try some of their other products soon!



 If you would like to try this product out for yourself, find it here.

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 Have a suggested mask product we should try? Let us know!





Full disclosure: This post is sponsored. We did receive product from Promise Cosmetics in return for this post and review.


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