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As someone who is changing out cat products quite frequently, testing out this litter was exciting to say the least. The thought of being able to manage the health of both of my feline buddies by a simple glance at the litter box is more than any cat lover can ask for!



Visually this litter is much nicer to look at throughout the day in passing, as the white appearance does send a subliminal “clean” message to the user vs. utilizing a grey or dark colored litter. And the package that Pretty Litter comes in is not only resealable and compact, but is mailed monthly! That is where this litter wins some major bonus points.





Let’s look at the claims behind Pretty Litter:

“PrettyLitter’s revolutionary formula means a single 4-pound bag lasts you an entire month. Unlike clumping litter, PrettyLitter absorbs and then eliminates moisture which means you do not need to keep replenishing your litter throughout the month.”

“PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture. With PrettyLitter, you’ll never smell your cat’s dirty business again.”

“PrettyLitter simply arrives at your doorstep right when you need it. Cross that chore off your list forever. No more lifting heavy litter again.”

“We save you money on potential Vet bills through early detection plus, on average, cost less per month compared to leading brand competitors.” 

“PrettyLitterâ„¢ is Kitty Litter 2.0. Dust-free, advanced odor-control and health-monitoring cat Litter.” 



Verdict on the above – The two bags of litter did last the entire month, including a few extra days. (Note to self: One bag is enough for a month in our household). The litter does seem to absorb and eliminate moisture, and quickly.





The litter truly does help with odor. And moisture was eliminated quickly from the pan after use. While the urine scent was masked, the full stench of feces was not. It does mask the odor over time, though not immediately like some other litters on the market.


The box arrived without issues, and within a reasonable time frame.


While the litter did appear to be health monitoring, we have no way of knowing if the litter is accurate or not in the science behind the coloring of each individual bag. We hope that quality standards are held at the factories and that the product does potentially warn owners if their feline friend may be in need of a vet visit. 





The downside – Pretty Litter does not take up the complete market on receiving litter by mail, as Amazon alone is able to deliver a multitude of brands to the home and even the vehicle trunk of the consumer.



And, as much as we wanted the colors to be vibrant and stay in the box for continuous health monitoring – the urine dried quickly (due to the absorbing science behind Pretty Litter), and along with it, the color. The product does meet claims on changing color, though we never witnessed more than a faint yellow color – directly after urination. We wish the product would stay colored longer so that urination that happens during the day would have the possibility of being checked later in the evening.





Overall – Willow took to this litter quite well, as she loves trying out new products and is not partial to many products in particular. She did seem to hang out in the litter box longer than usual after doing her business, so the litter must have felt enjoyable on her paws. Francine is still partial to her prior litter and only utilized this one a couple of times before starting her peeing protest in the corner of my office due to the change in her bathroom routine. Due to her protesting, another litter box had to be set out with our prior brand of litter by day two of using Pretty Litter.



For those of you that may want to test his product on your own, I have added a link below for 25% OFF your First Month’s Subscription Order with Pretty Litter –

Or you can use code: SOUTHOFZEN





Full disclosure: This post is sponsored. We did receive Pretty Litter in return for this posting and review. 



Know of a litter we should try? Let us know!




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