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Do you ever open your mail account and think “Woah there, when did I start getting this amount of junk in a day?!”

This crossed my mind earlier today.

I spent the morning organizing my space, met up with my partner to relax and enjoy a new sushi spot in town, and then came home to sit down at my desk and realized my account has gotten a little further out of control than I would like to admit.

There are businesses I haven’t purchased from in ages that still send daily messages, free trials I signed up for back in the day that continue to spam my inbox weekly, messages from my father who loves to send every conspiracy YouTube video he comes across, and a multitude of spam that I have to filter through by keyword to find what is actually of importance in my inbox.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we sign up for e-mail lists and check the box for consent on web pages for companies to continuously keep in touch with us?

Was it ever beneficial?

Does it make us feel more important? Did it at one time?

Or do we all just have a genuine fear of missing out?

My challenge to you today: Go through your e-mail account and ‘unsubscribe’ from newsletters and updates that no longer improve your life. If you are receiving messages that do not intentionally bring you joy, it is time to move on.

This is about simplification. About minimalism. About solely keeping around what enhances your wellbeing, and removing all other clutter and distraction that may keep you from living your best life possible.

Pot speaking to kettle here.

I spent some time rummaging through and simplifying my inbox, though it wasn’t on the docket for today. I know this will improve my organization and mental stability in the long run. Seeing over 3,000 messages in an inbox can become overwhelming quickly for so many of us.

Take a few moments to sit still and contemplate why you fuel your days with certain information and come to peace with what is actually of importance to you as an individual.



Have any suggestions or decluttering tips that have worked for you?

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