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Today is #NationalCatDay and what better day to treat your feline friend than today!

Here are the latest toys that have been well loved on lately in our home:



SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Cat Toy with Bird Sounds

SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Cat Toy with Bird Sounds

This toy is perfect for those kitties that have to stay at home without the family during the day. Perfect for cats that want to hunt and have an active playtime!



I am personally IN LOVE with the fact that Smarty Kat has toys broken down into different types of play and development for cats. This one falls into the hunt category, and keeps my mind at ease knowing that they are still capable of doing activities inside that come instinctually to them. Though in the comfort of a slightly more germ free environment of course!



Full Disclosure: The stitching is not the best of quality on this one, but you truly cannot beat the price point! We did end up getting a replacement bird after the first one arrived with ripped stitching along the bottom of the bird where additional catnip can be added. Though the addition of this miniscule pocket shows a well thought out design from the company!



Update: The replacement bird continues to hold up just fine, and the bird is still chirping a full couple of months later. This toy continues to hold at a number 3 of current favorite toys in our home.



SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy

SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy

This has been a hilarious and fun edition to our recent cat finds! Both of the cats go crazy when I push the button for the feather to start spinning. The feather changes directions and patters while spinning and whirling, and truly does react to the motion of play from the cats. 



Apparently this toy is a blast to chew on as well, as our little Francine prefers trying to destroy the gift I worked hard to buy her instead of utilizing it correctly. Willow has perfected her swatting ninja skills through playing with this one! This toy has been much more durable than anticipated!



I was somewhat skeptical in my purchase decision at first, as most as seen on tv products never truly live up to the hype. This little guy though, this one deserves a round of applause.



Words Of Advice: Buy batteries when you pick this one up. It requires two AA batteries and these are not included.



Update: The toy is still in continuous working condition and doesn’t suck as much energy from the batteries as expected. The original ones we put in continue to operate inside this god of a cat machine! Francine continues to try and eat the black middle stick and hasn’t chewed her way through it yet!



Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

This is a toy that our youngest cat has quite enjoyed. She prefers toys that she can run around holding onto, and this one has been her new favorite item the past few days!



Lightweight and durable, even the toughest cats will have a hard time destroying the center element of this one! Though I would recommend trying it out on your littlest kitty too, as this is directly marketed for those in the stage of teething.



The design incorporates “spokes” to gently massage the kitty’s teeth and gums, while allowing them to strengthen their jaw muscles during playtime as well.



Thoughts: You could set this toy in the freezer for a while to change the temperature if your cat is picky. If your cat needs additional convincing to play, spraying a catnip spray on the fabric streamers may just do the trick!



Update: Francine continues to prefer toys with a fluff component or ones with lengthy strings, sounds, or feathers. Willow has taken this one as her own and holds it captive in her personal kitty fort that is currently sitting to the right of my desk.



I would recommend all of these products that I have purchased for my fur children. Awesome price points, and relatively well thought out products! And FYI none of these are sponsored, just thought they deserved a good review out there.



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